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As I am in the process of trying to build my wedding invitation portfolio I will be offering an introductory price on all wedding paper goods for a limited time. Some sample prices are: 50 two-colour invitations = £190 75 two-colour invitations = £270 100 two-colour invitations = £350 Please contact me for additional prices.

A note about letterpress prices: Letterpress is a very labour-intensive printing process in which each piece is hand-fed into the printing press, one-colour at a time. It will never compete, price-wise, with other printing methods, such as digital, but the end result is a completely unique tactile experience. You can really see and feel the difference between a flat printed card and one done on a letterpress. If you are unsure whether this difference is worth the extra cost, please order a sample from my Etsy shop. I think you'll love it!