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About Me

My name is Cayce Eastwood. I "discovered" letterpress (like many people recently) while planning my wedding in 2008. I was doing a lot of DIY crafting for the wedding and when I saw all of the gorgeous letterpress invitations I was inspired. I've always been an "I can do that" kind of a person, so I did a lot of research and decided to learn how to letterpress print. I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area at the time and over the next year I took three classes at the wonderful San Francisco Center for the Book. It was love at first print. I quickly bought a Kelsey 5x8 tabletop press and printed a couple of small pieces for my wedding (not the invitations, though; those were printed on a Print Gocco) but soon my attention was focused on something bigger... my husband got a new job and we had to start planning a trans-atlantic move to London! It's been just over three years since we made the move with our dog and 2 big crates of belongings, including the Kelsey, safely making the journey. Shortly after we arrived I purchased an Arab Foolscap (9" x 13" chase) letterpress and set up a studio at the Wimbledon Art Studios with the intention of quickly growing the business. Well, life got in the way (in the form of a house purchase/renovation followed closely by the birth of my son) but I have finally moved the press home where I have more time and opportunity to practice this craft that I love. Over the years I designed a number of greeting cards, prints and journals and at the end of 2012 I introduced a line of personalised note cards, calling cards, business cards and wedding invitations. I love letterpress, from the initial design to getting my hands dirty taking care of these beautiful old pieces of machinery, hand mixing the ink to just the right shade and finally seeing the flat designs come to life on the press. I can't wait to work with you to create the paper goods of your dreams! For more information on my press name see this blog post, Why Cerulean Press?.