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Gold Foil Stationery

So, lots of new things to talk about since my last post (over a year ago, eek!). I launched this new website at the beginning of the year (complete with spiffy new online store!) and have been busy with custom stationery orders from my lovely Etsy customers. One of the most exciting things that's happened is that I've added a new printing press to my collection! I want to introduce you to my new (old-ish) hot foil press:


 Even though I've had the press for almost a year I've only recently started adding more foil stamped items to my shops. They include foil pressed thank you cards

and custom stationery:

I've also had the chance to print some baby announcements (they'll get their own blog post... eventually) and some business cards.


Although it's a very similar printing process to letterpress there are two great things about foil stamping that set it apart. The first is obviously the ability to get a super shiny gold or other metallic finish, which just isn't possible with metallic letterpress inks. The second is the ability to print light colors on dark paper, like the business cards above. Letterpress inks are very transparent so it just isn't possible to print white on black and get a white image. With hot foil that's easy because the opaque foils are glued to the top of the paper. It has opened up a whole new range of possibilities for me!

If you are interested in having some custom hot foil printing done, please get in touch, I would love to work with you on your project! 

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