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Where we at?

Well, it's been just over a year since my last post and things have really changed around here! That Etsy front page feature helped launch my little business (even though I had been selling online for a couple of years at that point) and it's been slowly growing ever since. I have SO many projects to feature but thought I would first post a little general update. 

Matthew 2014-03-12

This is my little man! He'll be two in a couple of months (EEK). He still takes up most of my time but he started going (very) part time to a childminder just after he turned one and that has given me a bit more time to focus on printing. Speaking of the printing, I just logged onto my Etsy store and noticed that I have reached 350 sales!


I never actually see these round number milestones so I'm quite happy I caught this one. Anyway, the press awaits so I'll end this here, but I will be back soon with pictures of a few of the many projects that have been keeping me busy over the past year.

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