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Design Trust 2013 Challenge

I recently came across The Design Trust, a great website with all kinds of information for crafty businesses in the UK. At the beginning of the year Patricia started a monthly challenge which would be an "exercise or powerful question related to ‘creating the right business for you’". The prompt for January says:
Select one word to guide you through your year.

What is your guiding word?

And how will this come to life for you? Add 5 examples how you this word will play a part in your life this coming year.

So, I know I'm a bit late, already missing 1/12 of the year, but I think the challenge could be good for me so I'm going to play along. Therefore, my word of the year is...


The 5 examples of how this word will play a part in my life (both personal and business) are:

1) Literal growth of my little person - Matthew is 9 months next week and the growth and change that we see in him every week is absolutely amazing! I'm sure the rest of this year will be mostly taken up with ensuring he grows up properly.

2) Growth of my personalised stationery business - My main biz goal this year is to grow the custom letterpress aspect of Cerulean Press. I really enjoy making the greeting cards but, like I've mentioned before, I want to print (at least) one wedding invitation order this year.

3) Growth of my confidence - like many creatives, or really anybody that is putting themselves out there to be judged by others, I constantly worry that I don't stack up against my competition. I imagine that all other small biz owners have so much more training/experience/etc and they'll wonder what this interloper is doing trying to be a letterpress printer. I think the easiest way to get over this fear is to get myself out there and meet more people in the community, possibly by doing some craft shows.

4) Growth of my garden - One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon is out in the garden planting, weeding and generally prettifying the place. In addition to enjoying the "final" product, spending time in the garden is a wonderful way for me to relax and spend time with myself. Since having the baby I haven't had much "me" time so I'm going to make a more concerted effort to find time to do some things I enjoy, just for me.

5) Growth of my online presence - In addition to trying to blog more, I want to start re-engaging in twitter and facebook, and I want to try to get featured on a couple of blogs. Most of these are fairly simple goals, but I think many small changes will add up and I hope that by the end of the year I'm in a bigger and better place than I started. Do you have any goals for the year ahead?

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