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Snow, Life and a New Card

This past week has been crazy. Between snow, illness and injuring my back I've gotten very little accomplished. I managed to get Matthew bundled up and out into the back garden to experience his first snow.

matthew snow 1

To be honest, it was nap time and he was a bit grumpy so I don't think he enjoyed it much, but at least we got a few pictures. I'm sure next winter he'll be able to enjoy it a lot more.

In addition, I did a bit of printing and have listed a new type of custom stationery to my Etsy shop. A client contacted me about my personalised notecards but asked if I could change them up a bit by printing in the bottom right corner with a chunky san serif font using no ink (called a blind impression). I liked the look so much that I made a couple of additional samples and they are now for sale.


In addition to printing a new design, I also tested out a new paper. I printed these cards on Saunders Waterford 300gsm paper. I was a little worried before I started because the paper feels so much more substantial than the paper I have been using (Somerset Velvet), but I was pleasantly surprised. It takes a beautiful impression and comes in many different weights, up to 640gsm, so is definitely an option as a house paper for Cerulean Press. I have some Valentine's cards to print as well as a couple new wedding invitation designs so I look forward to experimenting with this paper a bit more... once it stops snowing that is!

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