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Wedding Invitations Update

I've finally gotten around to listing a few of my wedding invitation samples in my Etsy shop.



If you are interested in ordering a sample of my work, please click the photo above which will take you to my wedding invitations. I've ordered a couple of new printing plates so will be adding some additional designs soon. Each sample costs £3.00, but any money that is spent on samples will be deducted from your final bill if you choose to order invitations. In addition I've decided that, as I am in the process of trying to build my wedding invitation portfolio I will be offering an introductory price on all wedding paper goods.

Some sample prices are:

50 two-colour invitations = £190

75 two-colour invitations = £270

100 two-colour invitations = £350

Please contact me for prices of additional pieces. Finally, just a reminder that I would also love to print your designs (be it for business cards, wedding invitations, birth announcements, etc.) Just e-mail a PDF of your design and I can advise whether it is appropriate for letterpress printing.

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