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Life, etc.

Little Matthew turned four months on 7 Sept.

He's getting SO big, starting to roll over, shoving things in his mouth, "talking" to me all the time. What he's not doing is sleeping much, or consistently, during the day so I haven't had any time to start working on Cerulean Press things. For the first few months I didn't have the desire to print or do much with the business. Slowly but surely the desire is returning, now I just need to find some time! One thing that should make printing a bit easier is that my press has finally come home!

The workshop is still just a shell with a huge hunk of metal stuck in the middle, but we're going to insulate it, add some kind of wall cover and paint the inside so that it feels more like a garden workshop and less like a shed for garden tools. I took a bunch of pictures of the moving process which I'll share in another post. I'll also be sure to keep everyone updated on the workshop upgrades.

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