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A Design a Day - Day 12

This past week has been a bit hectic, with appointments and work being done on the house, so I'm afraid the designing slipped to the bottom of the To Do list. I feel a bit guilty about abandoning the project, so I thought I would try to end on a bang and I designed four new pieces to show you today! One of the wedding invitations I printed samples of a couple of months ago is this tree design:

I decided that today I would take that invitation and design some sample companion pieces to go along with it.

In the mockup I've included the invitation, envelope with coordinating lining, eveninig reception information card, menu, place card and thank you card. Here they are in a bit more detail - first is an evening reception information card:
This design could also be used as a Save the Date card, RSVP or other informational insert card. Second is a menu:
Third is a place card:


I've used a different font to indicate that the design would be printed but the names would be handwritten at a later point. Finally there is a thank you card: All fonts and colours can be personalised to suit the couple, and additional pieces could be designed as well. So, that ends my month of designing. Overall I'll give myself a B- (designs are ok, but I skipped quite a few days). I need a couple of days to digest the month and I'll be back with some parting thoughts on the project.

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