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A Design a Day - Day 9

Today's design is inspired by a baby announcement I saw on Oh So Beautiful Paper a few months ago. The design, from Sideshow Press, has pennants with hand-lettering with baby's name and details. I took a couple of elements (hand lettering, knockout printing of the names) and designed this birth announcement with balloons.

I wanted to create a space for a picture, so I added a balloon that was big enough for a 2-inch, circular picture to be taped or glued to the announcement. I like the design, but for practical purposes I don't think I would try to print it without a bit of re-design because of the tight registration with the overlapping balloons. If you are interested in any of the designs that I have posted this month, please let me know and I would be happy to work with you on personalizing the design just for you!

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