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A Design a Day - Day 6

I've mentioned before how I *LOVE* musicals, and today's print is inspired by a musical that nobody but me probably remembers. When I was in elementary school my mom was the guidance counselor at the school I attended. Because of that I got some special privileges (of course), and one of those was being loaned a record with the words and music of a school production that the music teacher was considering for one of our school plays. I have no idea what the play was called, but it was about the life of P.T. Barnum and how he grew the Barnum and Bailey Circus (I just did a google search and found a wikipedia article about a musical, called Barnum, from the 80s, that played on Broadway and in the West End... this was definitely not that show). I loved listening to that music and one song has particularly stuck with me. The lyrics are probably not original, but the message really resonates with me to this day: "Life is like a flying trapeze (a flying trapeze) / Sometimes it's up, then it's down. / Life is like a flying trapeze (a flying trapeze) \ But you'll only fly when you get off the ground." I thought it would be a great inspirational poster, so that's what I set out to make today. I started with pen and paper but just couldn't get a layout that I was happy with, because I was trying to fit the whole quote with the repeated line. I switched to the computer since it's much easier to make changes to designs, and worked a few different layouts. This is the one that I ended up with.

Eventually I would like to rework it (at least the part that's in the script font) with hand lettering, but today I just needed to get the general layout down, which I am quite happy with.

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January 16, 2015

I was in that play. I was PT Barnum. I still remember that song. And my solo, “I’m rusting in Bridgeport / I feel the decline / I think I’ve eroded / from salt air and brine”

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