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A Design a Day - Day 3

I finally got out my coloured pencils today to try a bit of hand-drawn lettering. I took a line from one of my very favourite musicals, Mary Poppins, and sketched a small poster. Here is the result: Hmm, what to say about this work of art? (Ha!) I need a lot more practice at this, obviously. I also think I need a different pen because it was too hard to get the thin/thick lines I was after with the coloured pencil. On a positive note, I think the word "Fly" looks pretty good, and I really like the concept. Hopefully as the month goes on I'll get a bit better and I'll be able to do this idea justice when I rework it later on, which I think I'll do because I really do think it could be a great wall hanging for a kids room (letterpress printed in a bright colour).  

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