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A design a day - Introduction

I have a huge number of blogs that I follow on Google Reader. Sometimes I find it a bit overwhelming and do a lot of "mark all as read"-ing. I'm glad yesterday wasn't one of those days! As I was catching up on a few blogs, two posts caught my eye. The first post, New Printable Wedding Invitations from e.m. papers on Invitation Crush was about a challenge Eleanor from e.m. papers made for herself in March 2011. She set out to design 31 different invitations over a month and when she finished she took four of the most popular concepts and worked them into full invitation designs to sell. The second post, The Benefits of Personal Projects: A Guest Post By Anna Hardy posted in the Green Room section of the wedding blog Rock N' Roll Bride talks about how having a personal project (something creative that you do that isn't directly for the benefit of your business) can help spark your creativity and ultimately help you define your personal style. I was incredibly inspired by these two posts and have decided to set myself a challenge similar to the one that Eleanor set for herself. Every weekday in February I will design something (an invitation, greeting card or poster). I'm not looking to have any fully developed designs from this, but hope that getting into the habit of doing some designing every day will get me out of my creative rut. Most of the designing that I do is on the computer, but to incorporate a bit of the personal project philosophy (for myself, not necessarily for the benefit of the business) I'm challenging myself to get off the computer and do some of the designs by hand. I would classify myself as a creative person, but I'm not exactly artistic, so this part of the challenge is quite scary for me. I've tried drawing some designs before and always end up frustrated by not being able to put to paper what is in my head. That said, I won't be able to gain skills in that area unless I make myself work at it, so that is what I intend to do. I hope that at the end of the month I have some designs that I can use for the business, but won't be too disappointed if I don't. So, all that said, here is my first design. Since I just envisaged this whole project this morning I stayed firmly in the comfort zone and whipped this wedding invitation up on the computer. I'll be back tomorrow for day 2. Wish me luck!

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