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Birth of my business card

As I was finishing up my last post about some custom letterpress business cards I realized that I never showed you my own business cards. These were printed almost a year ago in preparation for the open studios event that I participated in, but I started working on the design months before I actually got around to printing them. Here are a few proofs that I worked on before finally settling on the design:

Proof 1:

This card is a two-sided, 3-colour card. What I like: The flywheel logo; the vertical orientation. What I don't: The back is too busy and doesn't relate to the front.

Proof 2:

This version is a two-sided, 3-colour card (The third "colour" is the large grey flywheel on the front of the card, which I would have printed blind, with no ink). What I like: The flywheel logo; the pattern on the back of the card. What I don't: Some of the spacing on the front needs to be played with.

Proof 3:

This card is a one-sided, 2-colour card. What I like: The vertical orientation. What I don't: The pattern on the front doesn't relate to letterpress at all. For this version I wanted to try to simplify the design to make it easier/less time consuming to print, but in the end, I didn't feel it projected the brand in the way I wanted it to.

Proof 4:

Finally, this card is the design I went with, a one-sided, 3-colour card (again, the third "colour" is the large flywheel which would be printed with no ink). What I like: The flywheel logo. What I don't: I would have liked to print a card with a design on the back, but because I was printing these on a deadline, I went with a single-sided card.

The reveal:

The verdict:

Overall, I'm happy with the finished product but there are some things that I would change. First, the cards are printed on ivory paper, which were some off-cuts of a custom project that I had done for a friend. I would have preferred a bright white but the cost of the ivory paper (free!) won out. Second, the plates that I used for these cards were much too soft for letterpress and didn't allow for the crisp impression that I was after, espcially on the large flywheel. I have since found a different plate supplier and am getting much better results. For the time being, these cards are great and I will continue to use them, but I'm already looking forward to planning out my second generation business cards. I expect that it will end up as a combination of the front of proof 1 and the back of proof 2, but only time will tell.

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