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Linocut Experiment

A couple of months ago I decided to try a little bit of experimentation with linoleum carving and printing. I started with something small and simple because I didn't want to get too frustrated. I decided what size paper I wanted to print on and then sketched out a basic sun design. The carving was more difficult than I was expecting, especially with the small "V" tool, which kept skiding across the surface and stabbing me in the hand. After carving (and a couple of bandages), this is what I ended up with, without the magenta ink.

I set it up on the press, mixed a blue ink and started printing. I printed two blue suns on either end of the paper, but when I looked at it I decided it was missing something. I wanted to print another sun with a different color, but that would have to wait for the blue ink to dry. The next day I went back to the studio and printed a third sun in magenta. I then set some type with my web address and printed that in the magenta. This is the final print.

There was only minimal overprinting, but I think it is a nice effect. Since the paper was long and thin I decided to do some bookbinding and turn the prints into little notepads, a perfect size to slip in a pocket or handbag.

As for the wording on the back, I've recently had a photopolymer plate made to use on the back of any items I make, so I probably won't be using this handset type again.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out. I really enjoyed the process and especially love that if you have the materials on hand it's easy to turn your idea into a printable plate without having to wait for a company to make/send a photopolymer plate. I look forward to a bit more experimentation!

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