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My First Show (EEEK!)

In just six short weeks I am taking part in my first show. The studio where I rent space, Wimbledon Art Studios, has open studio days twice a year, in May and November. I didn't take part last November because I was still trying to fix my press (and also planning for house buying/moving) so this will be the first time that anybody, other than close friends and family, will see what I've made. I'm SO nervous and have so much work to do between now and then. The only saving grace is that it's taking place on my home turf, so to speak, so I don't have to worry about transporting all my stuff or setting up a booth. I hope this deadline is the incentive I need to really buckle down and get things going with this baby business. Even though I haven't been spending much time in the studio, I haven't been completely ignoring printing either, and to prove it, here's a picture:

This is a photo of my first "real" job on the press, some christening announcements for one of my best friends. They aren't perfect, but I think she likes them. What I learned in the process is that I'm probably going to need a bigger base for the photopolymer plates because the longest line of this plate was *just* short enough to fit on the base and I had some inking/impression problems on both ends of that line because of it. Speaking of plates, I ordered photopolymer plates from Boxcar Press in the U.S. before I moved, but the cost to have them make new plates and ship them to the UK was way too much, so I used a new company, Centurion Graphics. The plates didn't seem as rigid as the Boxcar ones so I wasn't sure how they would print, but I was able to get good detail. I want a little more time to test the plates, and if all goes well I'll show some close up shots soon. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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January 16, 2015

Hi there! I’m an American living in the UK doing letterpress too! Anyway, I saw that you mentioned the difference in Centurion Graphics (who I use) and Boxcar Press plates. I also have an Arab and am not getting the impression I thought I would from the polymer plates. But when I see other letterpressers examples they have great impressions! But I’ve never had any other polymer plates to compare. What do you think the difference is and have you been able to get a crisp impression from the Centurion polymers?

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