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The first prints from the Arab

First, an apology: I had my camera with me in the studio, but when I was working and my hands were covered in gunk and ink I forgot to take pictures of the process. I definitely want to share those things here so I'm going to try to pay more attention in the future. Anyway...

Before moving to England I ordered a Boxcar base for my Kelsey 5x8 letterpress, along with some photopolymer plates with a few random designs. I tried printing a few of these designs on my Kelsey, but I could never really get good results because I was too ambitious with the designs and the little rollers couldn't put enough ink on the plates for a good print. I was really looking forward to trying out the plates on my new press, so the day I got my rollers I was off to the studio to test them out.

Letterpress Test Print

I was really happy with the way this first plate printed. The paper I was using was not particularly soft so there isn't much bite (impression) into the paper, but the ink coverage is even and it looks like the platen is adjusted correctly, so it was a pretty good start (aside from the fact that it took me awhile to get the gauge pins set up, so I wasted a few sheets of paper on crooked prints).


While the printing is pretty good for a first attempt, I think the card looks a bit plain and unbalanced as it is, so I'll probably have another plate made and add some words or something before I send them out into the big wide world.

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